Bahamus Electronics Services

A Bahamus subsidiary which is the sole distributer of Bang & Olufsen products in Ghana.

Technical Director
T. D : Henry Kanor

Bahamus Limited, is the strongest wing of Bahamus Ghana LImited which focuses on designing and building radio and television studios and transmission systems. So far it can boast of achieving a great landmark in terms of radio stations setup across the country.

We also sell, configure, install and maintain products of Axel Technology and OMB. Bahamus Limited also develops monitoring systems for broadcasting services and radio frequency management systems for broadcasters and communication regulators.

Special Products For You

B&O product
Oxygen 4

OXYGEN 4 is specially designed On-Air and production console for radio broadcasting, offering an elegant design along with compact dimensions. The console is fully modular, which means flexibility in the configuration. The Mono, Stereo, Telco and Telephone input modules can be placed anywhere in the chassis. Telephone module features a built-in, high quality telephone hybrid and Telco module can be interfaced to any external hybrid. Mono and Stereo modules feature selectable double inputs an

B&O product
VJ Pro - Turnkey

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B&O product
Falcon XT

FALCON XT is the top class digital audio processor that also features Stereo Generator and RDS Encoder. Itís the full optional and most prestigious equipment, designed for those broadcasters that really want to get the best performances. FALCON XT ensures top quality performances and exclusive audio. It features powerful DPSs, 5-band architecture, dual band AGCs, 3-band equalizer, stereo enhancer, speech detector and 4 limiters. The comprehensive and accurate control of each audio parameter all

B&O product
Broadcast Monitoring System

We specialize in building you the best, easy to use Broadcast Monitoring Systems using the right set of modern technologies for the job. Bahamus will ensure that your monitoring project will be handled by professionals with many years of experience, using many different technologies materials.

B&O product
Oxygen3 Black

OXYGEN 3 is a compact broadcast audio console for on air and production studios. Mainly design for medium/small radios (local station, community radios, web radios) OXYGEN 3 combines ease of use, flexibility and robustness. OXYGEN 3 is a best seller product of AxelTech, leader of its category and installed all over the world in any environmental conditions. Made of high-quality component easily available everywhere, OXYGEN 3 is the analogue rock-solid console and is a life guaranteed inve