Oxygen 5 Console

Oxygen 5 Console


Bahamus Limited has introduced into the Ghanaian market currently in use by an Accra based radio station Starr 103.5 FM

The OXYGEN 5 DIGITAL is the ultimate solution for the broadcast studio's today and future demands. 
Designed to become the "backbone" of your operation, this innovative mixing console is a complete platform easily adaptable to forthcoming technical developments.


 Customizable modular structure
- 12/8 Fader control surface
- Internal digital bus routing system
- Less then 0,5 milliseconds global latency
- 24bit/96kHz maximum sample resolution
- EQ and Dynamics on all processing channels
- Real time info displayed on every module
- TCP/IP Ethernet / CobraNet Network operation
- Sample rate converters on all digital inputs

Created on: February 12, 2021