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Oxygen 4

OXYGEN 4 is specially designed On-Air and production console for radio broadcasting, offering an elegant design along with compact dimensions. The console is fully modular, which means flexibility in the configuration. The Mono, Stereo, Telco and Telephone input modules can be placed anywhere in the chassis. Telephone module features a built-in, high quality telephone hybrid and Telco module can be interfaced to any external hybrid. Mono and Stereo modules feature selectable double inputs an

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Oxygen3 Black

OXYGEN 3 is a compact broadcast audio console for on air and production studios. Mainly design for medium/small radios (local station, community radios, web radios) OXYGEN 3 combines ease of use, flexibility and robustness. OXYGEN 3 is a best seller product of AxelTech, leader of its category and installed all over the world in any environmental conditions. Made of high-quality component easily available everywhere, OXYGEN 3 is the analogue rock-solid console and is a life guaranteed inve

Broadcast Console

Broadcast Console